What's New

Production matchmaking

StayTuned sifts and examines manufacturers,just to provide designers with more and better choices.We believe,our matchmaking system enables you to find the most suitable vendor to officially produce your designand more consumers will be able to purchase them.

International marketing

Here we have our professional marketing team,from logo and packageing design,brand image management and social media management,to fashion marketing strategy,market development and seasonal marketing rules.We want to help designers make their wholeheartedly-designed products well-known to more people.

Logistics management

FBS is the logistics center subordinated to StayTuned.Without worry,designers only need to concentrate on designing their products.FBS guarantees that products will be safely and quickly delivered to consumers.Good logistics management can make customers more satisfied,easily cultivate loyalty,increase the possibility of future repurchases and introductions,and also increase the value of your goods to consumers.